Gordon and Durward was started in 1925, the name originating from the founders Mr & Mrs Durward, Mrs Durward having the Maiden name of Gordon. They sold up in 1947 to George and Daisy Anderson, George was known locally as Sweetie Geordie, the business continued under the careful eye of the Anderson’s son John and his wife Pamela until they retired in 1989 and sold to a well known Crieff family the Donaldson’s, of Donaldson’s Garage and Donaldson’s Oil.

Graham and Caroline Donaldson have over the past 15 years steadily expanded the business to a point were the brand of Gordon and Durward is to be found all over Scotland and England in the finest retailers. If you would like to retail any of our products please visit our wholesale section.

Graham recalls as a boy visiting a local farm, and being told as he was handed a sweetie from the farmers fluffy pocket to "spit the first sook oot.” Despite this a sweet tooth and a love of Scottish sweeties has developed.

Sweetie Hampers