Boilings (67)

These fantastic boilings from Jenny's in Edinburgh are the finest sookie sweeties I've tasted, a great variety guaranteed to take you back to your childhood! 

Butter Tablet

Butter Tablet (3)

Hand made Scottish Butter Tablet, melts in the mouth

Chocolate of the Month (0)

Every month we are finding a new and interesting chocolate to share with you. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did finding them!


Chocolates (12)

Selection of handmade chocolates from a variety of specialised chocolatiers, sourcing the best of the best for your enjoyment.

Edinburgh Rock

Edinburgh Rock (2)

Ross's of Edinburgh, soft bite Edinburgh Rock packed in lovely presentation boxes. 

Free from

Free from (3)

Variety of flavoured bars suitable for different dietary intolerance.


Fudge (20)

Made in our traditional copper boiler, with a variety of flavours ranging from Butterscotch to Clootie Dumpling to Hebridan Sea Salt. Beautifully soft fudge packed full of flavour.

Gifts and Treats

Gifts and Treats (24)

Selection of goodies as a gift...or just as a treat for yourself!

Gordon and Durward's Gifts

Gordon and Durward's Gifts (20)

A selection of gifts made up by our very own team, sure to make the perfect gift for the sweet toothed.


Liquorice (5)

Selection of different liquorice sure to please the best of liquorice lovers.

Parisian Creams

Parisian Creams (9)

Hand Made on the Island of Arran using Dark Chocolate (minimum cocoa content 53%) and a variety of other chocolates held in store.
Only Natural flavours used.
Ingredients: Plain Chocolate, Cocoa Mass, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Fondant, Natural Fruit Flavours.

Scottish Chocolate Bars

Scottish Chocolate Bars (3)

Delicious creamy chocolate with a variety of flavours made by Mackie's of Scotland.

Scottish Macaroons

Scottish Macaroons (9)

You just can not get more traditional than Macaroon, originally made from mashed potato, icing sugar, then coated in chocolate and toasted coconut (why not have a go your self, check out our Recipe page), everyone with a Scottish connection will love it. We now don’t use potato as it just does not keep, but don’t worry the quality is still second to none. We have over the last 10 years developed a range of flavours which just add to the excitement.

Sugar Free Sweets

Sugar Free Sweets (8)

Sugar free boilings and chocolate made using a supplement for sugar.

Sugar Mice,Nougat, Marzipan, Gingers

Sugar Mice,Nougat, Marzipan, Gingers (9)

Our famous sugar mice are still of everyone's wish list! A selection of different marzipans, nougats and gingers to choose from as well. Something for everyone!


Toffee (14)

Buchanan's toffee is rich and creamy with the perfect chew to them. A great addition to a road trip!

Sweetie Hampers