Sweet Makers


Buchanan's (13)

Everybody wants bomb-proof brands. Perhaps this was what Buchanan’s had in mind when they moved the confectionery production to an ex-torpedo factory in Greenock just south of Glasgow. The site is now home to the famous toffee, caramel and Boilings production of Buchanan’s, Gibbs and Millions.

Golden Casket purchased the Buchanan’s brand in 1977, today they continue to produce the lines it has been famous for. By continuing to "do it the old fashioned way” they build up striped patterns in Boilings using the Block method rather than just laying colours on top of one another. They are also proud of their small hand made batches that give the quality we are all looking for. In the Toffee plant everything is made in batches of between 20kg and 50kg, all made on the seven individual open pans, there are another ten of these in the Boiling section.

The important bit is all down to you and me and the taste texture and tradition, of the sweeties. The quality is superb, or I just would not stock it.

Gordon & Durward

Gordon & Durward (40)

Traditional tablet, fudge and macaroon all made in our own factory in Crieff. Very yummy...taste tested by myself!

The Donaldson's have owned the shop for 27 years now, having developed the production line, the confectionary is able to be found at independant shops all over the UK. Continuing the traditional methods of using a copper boiler and hand marking the products, there is a fantastic range to choose from, all tasting as divine as the last. They are always on the hunt for new and exciting flavours to try out...so keep an ear out for whats next!

Jenny's Boilings

Jenny's Boilings (51)

This is a great story, Jenny originally had a shop in Morrison Street in Edinburgh and in 1960 she was on holiday and just happened to get talking to two men who worked in a sweet factory just around the corner called MacKay’s. Pat Keggie and Walter Innes, were the two men and they teased Jenny that her Tablet was rubbish, so Jenny called their bluff and told them that if they were so dammed good they should come round to her back shop and prove they were as good as they said they were. True to their word Pat and Walter turned up and started making her Tablet and a few other things. The Partnership worked well and eventually Jenny offered to lend the money to the boys to set up a factory. On the 16th of May 1961 Jenny’s sweetie factory was stared. Since then the quality of the Boiled sweets has never been surpassed you just will not find better! Pat still works today part time and Walter's daughter Sandra runs it with the same love as her father and Pat has for the last 40 years.

RJ's New Zealand Soft Eating

RJ's New Zealand Soft Eating (3)

You might well ask why does the Scottish Sweet web site stock RJ’S New Zealand Licorice. Well quite simple nothing like this is made in Scotland, as soon as I tried it I signed up to become an agent, RJ’S Licorice is second to non in texture, flavour and with it being very low in fat and cholesterol it could even be argued that this is the healthy option when it comes to confectionery.

Ross's of Edinburgh

Ross's of Edinburgh (9)

Edinburgh Rock, Pan Drops, Oddfellows, Ginger Creams etc. Again I have chosen a very old traditional confectionery manufacturer, with a tremendous history for quality and reliability. Ross’s were started by James Ross in a small sweet shop, near the University in Edinburgh in 1880. After the first world war James’s son Andrew came back to join the family firm. Andrew wanted to expand so they started supplying other shops mainly with traditional Tablet. The business continued through the second world war but at that time sugar was severely rationed so the taste for harder longer lasting boiled sweets took off and Ross’s developed there range of Pandrops, and other boilings. It was just after the second world war that the famous yellow box of Edinburgh Castle Rock was introduced. The business is still owned and run by the Ross family with the present managing director being the founders great grand-son. I have visited the factory and got to know Graham Ross over the years and I am sure you will agree with me that his standards and quality are superb.

Sweetie Hampers