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Everybody wants bomb-proof brands. Perhaps this was what Buchanan’s had in mind when they moved the confectionery production to an ex-torpedo factory in Greenock just south of Glasgow. The site is now home to the famous toffee, caramel and Boilings production of Buchanan’s, Gibbs and Millions.

Golden Casket purchased the Buchanan’s brand in 1977, today they continue to produce the lines it has been famous for. By continuing to "do it the old fashioned way” they build up striped patterns in Boilings using the Block method rather than just laying colours on top of one another. They are also proud of their small hand made batches that give the quality we are all looking for. In the Toffee plant everything is made in batches of between 20kg and 50kg, all made on the seven individual open pans, there are another ten of these in the Boiling section.

The important bit is all down to you and me and the taste texture and tradition, of the sweeties. The quality is superb, or I just would not stock it.

Super Jelly Beans

Super Jelly Beans, Superb! Packed in 250g bag over 1/2lb!

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